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We are the descendants of George Moors and Sarah Sabine.

George and Sarah had eight children, three of whom were William Sabine, Henry Baker, and Charlotte Moore.

Please note: There are two Charlotte Moore MacKinnons. Charlotte the wife of Daniel William MacKinnon was the mother of Neil MacKinnon who married Charlotte E. Moore, daughter of Henry Baker Moore.

Henry Baker Moore is the father of Elton, Harvey, and Ella Moore.

I am the only grandchild of my grandparents Elton and Sadie Moore. My grandfather, Elton was born in Montague, PEI in 1894. His brother Harvey married Eva Hicken. I don’t know if they had any children. His sister Ella married Joseph Godsoe and they adopted one son. My father never mentioned any cousins that I remember, except the adopted one, Stan.

So I’m thinking I’m the only great-grandchild of William Henry “Big Will” Moore and Mary McLennan.

If so, we look to the siblings of “Big Will” Moore. His only brother James died at age 14. His only sister Charlotte E. married Neil MacKinnon. Their descendants would be my closest Moore cousins.

Neil and Charlotte’s daughter Mabel married Earl Moore (not related) and lived in Woburn, MA. She was my grandfather’s cousin. We were neighbors when I was a baby.

Charlotte Moore married Daniel William Mackinnon. They had a son Daniel William.

Daniel William had a son Alexander who had a son, Daniel, whom I have met on the internet. He also had a brother, George who had a son, Garlen, who had a son, Duane who had a daughter, Valmay, whom I have also met on the internet.

If I am doing this correctly that makes Dan and I third cousins, once removed, and Valmay and I are fourth cousins, once removed. And they are the closest cousins I have in the Moore family. Not so close but as close as I can get. Whew!