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My grandfather, Elton Sterling Moore.

William Henry Moore and Mary Ann McLennan were his parents.

He was born in Montague, PEI in 1894 and died 14Jan1969 in Norfolk, MA. I know because I was there at the time of the funeral. In 1926 he married Sarah (Sadie) Ann Morrison from Cape Breton and they relocated to the Boston, MA area.

My father, (Wallace) Sterling Moore was born 15Jun1928 in Norwood, MA and died 1Oct2007.  His last known residence was in Haverhill, MA.

His brother, Raymond Morrison was born 26Oct1929 in Norwood and died 4Sep1995.

His brother John William is still living.

I am the only grandchild.

Thus far there are eight generations before me, four on the Moore side and four more on the Sencibaugh side. It is yet unknown when the Sencabaughs emigrated and from where. From this it appears that the Moore/Moors were from England.