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Summary from the Clan Morrison Society of North America:

The seat of the Morrisons of harris was at Pabbay (Gaelic: Pabaigh), a small island off the coast.

The MacLeods was the dominant clan of Harris.

Various accounts of the origins of the Morrisons of the Outer Hebrides, or Clan Ma Ghille Mhoire, but no proof.

The following is from Wikipedia, take it for what it’s worth, certainly not gospel, albeit interesting:

Ó Muircheasáin clan of Harris

A group of the bardic Ó Muirgheasáin clan settled on Harris sometime around 1600 under the service of the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan. At around this time, the file Ó Muirgheasáin replaced the bard Mac Gille Riabhaich, to the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan.[8] The Ó Muirgheasáins ultimately had roots in the north of Ireland, within “O’Neill’s country”.[9] The clan is thought to have established itself in the Inner Hebrides, on the isle of Mull, by 1512; likely patronised by the MacLeans of Duart. Despite their long service to the MacLeans and MacLeods, not one Ó Muirgheasáin poem, written for the MacLeans of Duart exists to this day; and the earliest piece of poetry written for the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan only dates to 1626.[8] In time the Harris Ó Muirgheasáins Anglicised their surname to Morrison.[9] The Irish Gaelic Ó Muirgheasa means “descendant of Muirgheas”. The personal name Muirgheas may be derived from the Gaelic elements muir, meaning “sea”; and geas, meaning “taboo”, “prohibition”.[1]