Julie Fowlis is a Scottish singer of renown, whose love for her native Gaelic is talked about in the first minutes of this July 6, 2014 interview. I had no idea that any people continue to use Gaelic, much less as the first language in the home. I’m fascinated listening to her accent when speaking English. The interviewer is also British, if not Scottish.

According to Wikipedia, Julie is a Scottish folk singer and mulit-instrumentalist, including the pipes, or bagpipes, who sings primarily in Scottish Gaelic. She grew up in North Uist, an island in the Outer Hebrides, as are the Isles of Harris and Lewis, and currently lives in Dingwall, Scotland.

Halfway through the interview she says that the people whom she admires most are those from the Islands and the Highlands, her fellow Scots. She has young children whom she cares for herself, and aspires to keep them at home as much as possible, raising them in their native culture.

The entire interview is fascinating in terms of Scottish Highland culture, which she passionately would like to see preserved in the home. Julie used to sing with different bands, some or all of which were pipe bands.

When the audience is allowed to ask questions, the best is one German man who speaks to Julie in Irish Gaelic. Such a beautiful language!